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When we talk about Bienmesabe, rather than a dessert made in itself, we refer to sweet almond-based pasta that is served to accompany other foods such as custards or ice cream. It is considered a typical Canarian sweet and its elaboration is 100% handmade, without preservatives, dyes, or added aromas.
Typical sweet Tejeda. That it''s not just the candy with the best name you can find. It is also the Bienmesabe, dessert of the area, is the best possible companion, the couple of the year. A mixture of sugar, almond, yolk and cinnamon that adds as ring to the finger any ice cream that one knows. To anybody. And also to cakes and whatever you want to sweeten.
In addition to a perfect companion of ice cream and custards, bienmesabe can complement many other desserts and dishes. It can be sprinkled on almond or nougat pies and cakes. It can accompany biscuit desserts or spread on toasts, as a jam. It can also be mixed with plain yogurt and add almonds or other dried fruit. It is a very good recipe to improve any

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